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3 Truths to Professional Resume Writing Services (and why you might find value in it)

Is it cheating to hire a resume writer? No. And here’s why.

As unemployment surges to record highs, we are all gaining a new appreciation for the hours-long frustration of tweaking our resume. Why is it so challenging to write one to two pages on the one subject you should be a subject matter expert on: yourself? The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all template when it comes to writing your resume. When there is an entire industry dedicated specifically to resume writing, you should not be expected to internalize the expertise resume writers spend years practicing.

Resume writing is more than just putting your skill set into words. You have to also frame your current experience in the context of the position you are applying for, meaning every application should look different. You also need to pass the employer’s ATS (applicant tracking system) scan, which selects top candidates among what could be hundreds of applicants for hiring managers to focus on. Monster, a leading online employment solution for job-seekers and employers, shares the hard truth that even the most qualified candidates get passed over for their “perfect fit” position because of a poorly written resume, or a resume that doesn’t contain the right keywords to pass the employer’s ATS scan. It’s 2020 and resume writing is no longer about just putting your skills on paper. You have to up your game to stand out.

If you were one of the thousands affected by layoffs resulting from the 2020 COVID19 crisis, or any other situation where you needed to send out your applications immediately, you might not have had a polished resume on hand to begin the application process. 

Instead of asking your well-intentioned best friend or family member to review your resume, here are three big reasons why you should consider hiring a professional.

#1: A Professional Has Made This Their Career

Everyone has their own strengths. As we establish ourselves in our career path, we start to become more self-aware of what we are naturally good at and not so good at. A professional resume writer has recognized that they have a natural talent in writing and bringing out other people’s talents through words, and not only that - they have dedicated their career to developing this talent with hard work and persistent effort. A good writer has invested time and money into professional certifications and makes a living off of this talent. They have a passion in their heart for helping you in your career journey. Their training is a specialized knowledge for serving you. Especially if you are looking to transition into another industry or if you are a recent graduate, and you may not know the best verbiage or approach to stand out in that new industry yet. 

Writing isn’t everybody’s strong suit, though. For some, no amount of reading up on how to write a resume or cover letter will provide the confidence or motivation to produce one. Hiring a professional takes an enormous weight off the shoulders of these individuals.

A good resume writer will not only provide you with a winning resume for your current job target, they will set you up for future success by identifying the areas you can tweak with each application so you can apply with confidence. Ultimately, a professional writer’s duty is to commit thoughtful insight and strategy to formulate a resume that is the best representation of you, something your friend who looked over your documents on her lunch break for 25 minutes, can’t deliver.

#2: Your Resume Will Stand Out Among Others

Trust the power that a professional holds because of their experience. When the resume you put two hours into updating is pitted against a professionally written resume that took anywhere from 4-8 hours of research and writing to create, you have a much higher potential of being passed over. Writers employ strategies that affect the format, layout, and content with deep understanding of industry standard keywords and trends. When you pay a professional to write or enhance your resume, you are actually buying more than the one- or two-page document. You are buying the writer’s expertise and time, trusting that they know your field and have written various resumes in that industry before, giving you a leg up over the others.

In addition to highlighting industry skills, writers draw out your accomplishments to show rather than tell how effective you are as an employee.

#3: A Professional Views Resume Writing as an Art, Not a Chore

If you view resume writing as a chore, or a boring task on your to-do list, you might want to delegate the task to a resume writer. A professional has a different perspective. Even as a formal document, resume writing is a creative form of writing that showcases your career journey. Crafting a great resume is a meticulous logic exercise of synthesizing the career data into a professional document that is informative and eye-catching. An expert resume tells your story like a condensed thesis paper. Writers get to know you and customize the resume to best convey your unique professional character and accomplishments. Your resume should captivate your employer. If you are bored writing it, chances are they will be bored reading it. Resume writers are passionate about this writing and find joy in the whole process.

If you are in the process of applying for new jobs right now and are wondering why you aren’t hearing back from employers, maybe you are hitting a wall with the ATS scan and the employer didn’t even see your resume. After all, 70% of resumes go unseen. A professional resume writer wants to help you and that is what they have dedicated their career to. They want to lead you to stand out amongst others and they don’t view this process as a chore. They want to fight on your side and help you get traction. Your dream job could be on the other side of the words in your resume, but resume writing is no longer simple. It’s 2020 and the reality of the world is that so many are unemployed and employers are slim. It might be time to step up your game by investing in a professional resume service.

Alexis Ankersen | Founder, Lead Writer | Top Dog Career Consultants

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